You’re pursuing your education because you’re taking care of your future.  Don’t forget to take care of yourself first, starting with your personal finances. They’re a critical part of your success. And there’s no better time to exercise your budgetary muscles than right now.  Here are tips to help you become a master budgeteer!

Unless you plan on paying for your car with cash, you’ll probably need to finance your purchase. If the latter is the case, then you have two main options available to you: either take a loan offered by the dealer, or get a car loan from your bank. Which option is best suited to your needs?

Capital stock, or more commonly known as market capitalization, refers to all shares constituting ownership of a business, including common stock and preferred stock. The quantity of common and preferred stock a company is authorized to issue will depend on their corporate charter. Details of capital stock can typically be found on the balance sheet of a company’s financial statement. Companies have the option to either issue more capital stock or to buy back shares owned by outside shareholders.


After a lifetime of purposeful work and earning, many Canadians in their 60s realize they no longer require more money to cover their needs and wants.

Now that the tax filing deadline has come and gone, it would be easy to simply put all of those tax thoughts out of your head until next year.  But there are a couple of considerations that are worth addressing while the information is still fresh in your mind.